When Life Hands You Lemons…You Go to the MFA! 

You ever been the one to put people on to something and then get left out later? That was me with this year’s Ebony Winter Gala, the premier social event for Boston’s black community. For the past few weeks, it was all I talked about. I had made plans to be there and I told everyone else they needed to be there as well. I was so motivated to go because, little known fact, my blog idea was birthed out of attending last year’s gala! I had such a great time, everyone was so beautifully dressed and a who’s who of black Boston would be there. However, I was very disappointed that the Ebony Winter Gala has a very low social media presence for an event of it’s size and I didn’t understand why many had not heard about this event? Where were the pictures of us in the society pages of the likes of the Improper Bostonian? Why wasn’t the media here? Channel 7 where you at?! Where was Mayor Walsh? Did he get an invite? Why wasn’t the whole city checking for us?! Perhaps I’m a bit of an optimist, but let there be a shooting at one of these “urban” clubs downtown and it will surely make the news, but THREE THOUSAND OF US BEAUTIFULLY CLAD BLACK FOLKS come out in our best dressed, slaying to the max for a great cause and NOBODY talks about it?! I mean our social media presence was a little lacking, channel 4, 5 and 7 clearly were not here to document to the world what we were doing and, no shade, but I don’t even think last year’s event had an official event photographer. So besides Instagram (which features mostly selfies or solo pictures), where else could I look to find documentation that the night even happened?  So, I made it my personal goal to be the one to do the documenting, but this was not to come to pass.

Lo and behold, THE NIGHT BEFORE my plans fell through! They fell through after I spent a few hours revamping my long maroon tutu skirt into a high-low skirt that I hot glued gold spray painted roses & rose petals to. My plans fell through after I worked extra hours all week to get the whole day off from work (because you know all this fabulousness takes time). And of course, my plans fell through only after I scrambled to book a makeup session at Sephora and could only finagle an appointment at the Burlington Mall location since the Cambridge, Prudential, Fenway and North Shore stores had no availability. Yup! Many a hoops I jumped through and it looked like after all my talking, planning and executing I was going to miss all of Black Boston’s unofficial family reunion! Definitely not a good look but not one to be easily discouraged, my homegirl suggested we go to the Museum of Fine Art’s #mfaNOW Overnight party! Apparently, every month since September, the MFA has kept the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art open from 8:30pm to 9am the next morning! And it’s free! Not only are the exhibits open, but performances take place, food trucks post up outside and different rooms are full of people dancing and vibing to DJs spinning the best music. And it’s free! They also have food, wine and beer for purchase, but did I mention that this was free and open to the public (all ages)?! Now, I had heard about the event but because it was taking place on the same night as the Gala, I paid it no mind. But at 11:34pm Friday night, guess who was standing in line outside the MFA in my maroon and gold rose attaché tutu, black leather jacket and sparkly gold pumps waiting to get in. You damn right it was me! I may not have been going to the gala but I was for sure going somewhere! It was a cold wait (25 degrees to be exact) but once inside my early morning consisted of meeting up with friends, checking out some of Frances Starks art installations, eating pizza reminiscent of school cafeteria lunch (we were too cold to go outside and check out the food trucks) and eventually a quick stop to the hip-hop/reggae room! By 4am our night was coming to end even though the thought of breakfast at 7 am sounded really good; we just couldn’t hang.

Even though it felt as if the chain of events leading up to my night out were conspiring against me having a good time, Friday night still goes down in the win column! As upset as I could have been about not going to the gala, the MFA Overnight turned out to be a great alternative. I gained a new experience, hung out with a different crowd and still had a good time! Some highlights of my night included:

-the five minute pep talk I had with self about waiting in line in the cold
-while in the line, specifically asking sweet baby Jesus to breathe hot air on me lol
-once inside, the two hour wait for my friends to arrive and join me (you gotta love your friends tho!)
-the mini photo shoots I had (I got two professionals to take some shots of me!)
-running into some old friends and of course, connecting with new ones
-praising Jesus for the flip-flops I was wise enough not to leave in the car (I was to bougie to wear them at first being in the MFA and all, but by 3am that logic went right out the window lol)
-and finally when I got home, accidently dropping my house keys in the bushes in front of my home and having to hop the fence to get them (that was fun..)

My take away from all of this is you can plan as much as you want to, but some things are simply out of your control; and when you find yourself at that point, don’t even trip! Look for the silver lining and keep it moving! It usually works out in the end. If you take a quick survey of your life, I’m sure you’ll find evidence of that. And as the saying goes, when life gives you lemons don’t just make lemonade…come out that bihhh with some lemon meringue pie, lemon bars, lemon cake, limoncello, lemon tart…..but you get my drift!

Have a great week my loves and if you would like more information about the Museum of Fine Arts Overnight click here!

Genevieve Angelique


2 thoughts on “When Life Hands You Lemons…You Go to the MFA! 

  1. Love this!! And you’re absolutely right – the Ebony Gala gets noooo attention…and demands none.😦 It’s a shame. I’ve been wanting to go for years but never have anyone to go with. You have a great attitude and glad you had a good time at the MFA. I saw photos from that on social media and it looked like an awesome time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for commenting Ebi! You summed up my point perfectly- “the Ebony Gala gets no attention…and demands none.” Boom! There it is! Lol! The MFA was a great time and suggest you go if they run it again. And God willing, I’ll be at next year’s Ebony Gala! Hopefully you will too!


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