Broke…But Still Woke! #PodCastShenanigans

We literally have a little more than a week left before it’s a wrap for 2016! How quickly a year goes by! People talk about 2016 being a terrible year, but I can’t say I agree. Personally speaking, 2016 was a year of growth, rebuilding, self-discovery and new experiences, but overall, a year I’ll never forget. Some great things happened for me this year– I traveled to Europe for the first time (Spain), which was life changing! Ya’ll don’t even know how I am itching to get back! I birthed my baby, THIS BLOG, which is the means by which you are reading this in the first place. Crazy! :::Side note – it hit me the other day that I AM A CONTENT CREATOR! A CONTENT CREATER!::: Man, God is good! But most importantly, I got a reset this year, in the sense that for the first time in life, I finally put myself before others. It’s still a learning process, but the way my mind is set up right now – if the person, place, situation or thing does me no good, does not sharpen or edify me in some way or does not serve a purpose in my life – it cannot stay. Point. Blank. Period. And can I tell you how much more the quality of my life has improved since I’ve adopted this new way of thinking?! Hence all the blessings coming forth!

Which brings me to the point of my blog today – I’m excited to say that before this year came to a close, I hit ANOTHER ONE! Another bucket list item that is! Last week THE DOPEST opportunity presented itself to me. A young woman by the name of Tas, reached out to me to come on her podcast, Broke and Woke. And at 12:20AM this past Wednesday, I came through, parleyed and kicked it with her in the studio as we discussed her podcast, my blog, the Boston creative community and self-care! I’m a sucker for new experiences and this experience WAS SO LIT! Even how the opportunity manifested had LIT written all over it. I didn’t know Tas prior to coming on the show but I had reposted her video entry to Issa Rae’s Insecure production assistant casting call on Instagram and tagged her. Little did I know that she would reach out and ask me to be her next guest! YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SHOW LOVE?!

Anywho, Tas is a humble, talented and ambitious young woman out here creating opportunities for herself; and her podcast, Broke & Woke, is the platform by which she’s choosing to manifest her dreams! As described by Tas, Broke & Woke, “focuses on using the disadvantages as an opportunity to discover the brilliance in the chaos.” Specifically, she’s here to shed light on the creative scene in Boston, help you soul search and most importantly, keeping you woke! It’s one thing to make things happen for yourself but it’s a beautiful thing when you choose to share your light and help others shine. I’m with it and hopefully you are too! Catch episode 10 of Broke and Woke titled ‘Treat YO self, Don’t Defeat YO self’ HERE featuring yours truly, and don’t forgot to follow Broke and Woke on Instagram , Twitter and Soundcloud ! Let me know what you think!


Genevieve Angelique


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