Year of the Arts Calendar Release Party Recap

Picture this! It was a random day back in October and I was sitting on Vania’s couch. We would occasionally meet up to discuss business and personal goals and often times during our pow-wows, we would touch upon the creative community in Boston and how disconnected it seemed at times. This conversation would almost always consist of many “if onlys.” She then said next, “You know what? I should do a calendar and feature creative people from the city.” And that my friends is how the 2017 Year of the Arts Calendar idea was born! In the next few weeks we would reach out to people we wanted to include in the calendar, find a space where we could network and use to take their photos, and lastly (this was all Vania now) work ridiculously hard to edit photos and have them ready for publication. All this work was done in less than two months!

To see the calendar production process from beginning to end was amazing! And on Friday December 23rd at CityPOP Egleston a who’s who of creative people came through, networked and did their thing as we celebrated the release of the calendar! The live band kept the tunes coming, Shawd, the live body artist came through and did his thing, KStar Hair from Salon Hairapy did a live hair installation with a Coming to America theme, and Jocelyn painted one of her abstract pieces on the spot! Most of the creatives featured in the calendar (find links to each one of them below) were also in attendance – it was unbelievable the amount of talent that was in one room!

Sadly, if you didn’t make it to the event you definitely missed out. However, you can still support by purchasing the 2017 Year of the Arts Calendar by emailing Vania Arroyo at The creatives featured include:

Chardline, plus size blogger
Bakari, Hip-Hop & spoken word artist
DJ Candy Raine, dj at b87.7FM
Bryan Alexis, Boston Fashion Awards 2016 Stylist of the Year
Sid Arroyo, visual artist
Jamil Abdullah, video production artist & CEO of Hocus Focus Films
Carla Lopez, professional make-up artist
Miguel Martinez, published art director
Unique Top, designer & CEO of Fly Girl Couture
Mistah Matt Parker, poet, CityPOP Egleston Artist in Resident & 2016 Spark Awards finalist
Cash and Spice, power couple & Blackberry Radio Network owners
Rucely Rodriguez, published model

Calendars are $25 and some of the proceeds benefit Hoop Hop Boston, a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring the Boston community together through their annual basketball tournament! Lastly, a huge shout out goes to all of the featured creatives in the calendar, all those in attendance and a special, special thank you to my friends who personally supported me with their presence (here’s to you Fab, Ant, Clauder, Minelva & Bel Monique)!!!!!


Genevieve Angelique

Plus size blogger, Chardline, came through and bedazzled us in her green sequined dress!
DJ Candy Raine aka Ms. September showing off her headshot!
Published fashion designer Claude Michelle showing myself and the amazing hostess of the night, Vania Arroyo some love!
Good friend Bel Monique was all smiles!
Struck a quick pose with Mr. November, Bryan Alexis, also known as 2016’s Boston Stylist of the Year, while Mr. January, Miguel Martinez, gave some serious face!
And darling childhood friend and print model, Minelva LaPlante (right) and BFF Sonie (center) not only came for the festivities but made sure to purchase a calendar! Oh, and by the way, if Minelva looks familiar, it may be because you recognize her from one of the more recent Dunkin Donuts print ads!

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