Boston Come Through: January 9-15, 2017

 It’s the second week of January! Here some of the coolest things happening in and around Boston! If you happen to make it to any of these events and post about it online, don’t forget to tag or @ me on social media!

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And as always, feel free to tell me about your event (send an email to: – and it might end up on the blog! Anyway…JANUARY…WEEK 2…LET’S GO!!!

Jan 1oth

Soup’ed Up Poetry Slam
Dudley Café’s monthly poetry slam featuring 10 poets, 3 rounds and 5 judges all vying for a $100 prize! This is a special edition to bring in the New Year!

The Hunter’s Space Opening Night
Back Bay
Meet some of Boston’s best and brightest urban creatives, visionaries and business minded people at this networking meetup. The Hunter’s Space offers a place for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to “make meaningful connections and build a community of like-minded individuals.” An early RSVP will get you personalized Hunter’s Space business cards for networking. Complimentary appetizers are provided.

Massmouth “Get Moving” Slam – Trident
Back Bay
Trident Booksellers is partnering with Massmouth to bring you some of the best emerging and featured storytellers in Greater Boston. Join them in Trident’s cafe for an evening of engaging entertainment, and dinner and drinks if you choose.

Blind Fox Art Show
Beacon Hill/West End
The Blind Fox Art is having a FREE art show at the Liberty Hotel on Beacon Hill (or in the West End, depending on who you ask). There will be a bar, light fares and lots of art! And if you haven’t been to the Liberty Hotel, it’s a sight to behold – the once former prison has been transformed into a the most luxurious of hotels.

Jan 11th

Tomorrow Can’t Wait – Author Reading by Dr. Allana Da Graca
Local author and researcher, Dr. Allana Da Graca, discusses her most recent book Tomorrow Can’t Wait. This book gives you the tools to learn how to challenge negative thoughts that hinder you from reaching personal and professional goals, set realistic goals, make a personal commitment to self discovery, move from fear to faith and make room for life transformations.

The Urban Male: Millennials and #Mentoring
Please join the Epicenter Community at Dudley Dough as they focus on the current social landscape and the power of Millenials and Mentoring. Share your thoughts on shifting paradigms of power through art and the power of mentoring to uplift and connect individuals as well as communities.

Mass Innovation Nights #94 – Sembler at Draper Labs
True story – when your girl was not 9 to 5ing back in summer 2015 and had all this time on her hands, this random woman at Microcenter told me about Mass Innovation’s monthly startups event. You know what got me sold – free food and the first to know about up and coming startups in this area. LOL! Every month is a different theme and location (I missed it when they were at Google’s office in Cambridge L) and an opportunity to see new products, talk to entrepreneurs and possibly network your way into a job! This month’s focus is technology and will be held at Draper’s startup-focused Sembler Office. I promise you – if you want to stay hip to all the startup chatter in Boston – this is the event you want to go to!

Jan 12th

Lunch & Learn with Startup Soli
Students and community members are invited to attend a lunch and learn event featuring Soli, a Boston based start up launching this Spring. Attendees will learn how they can leverage their consumer spending to reduce CO2 emissions and fight climate change. Soli COO, Robbie Madfis will lead a discussion on the state of climate change, the role of carbon credits, and how we can engage consumers in a solution. Lunch will be provided, so make sure to RSVP.

Thursday Night Workouts with Runbase Run Club
Calling all my runners! Join Runbase Run Club every Thursday night for a workout! They’ll do various different workouts including hill work, speed repeats around the track, tempo runs, and more. Don’t be intimidated – all paces and experience levels are welcome! They’re all about challenging yourself while having a good time. There are also lockers and shower rooms available for after the run as well.

Boston Public Schools 35th Annual MLK Celebration
Join the Boston Public Schools for their 35th annual Boston Public Schools MLK CELEBRATION. This year, student performers from schools across the district come together in the Boston Latin School Auditorium to share creative reflections on Dr. King’s life and legacy. The program features dance and music ensembles, as well as student-produced videos and winners of the annual history essay contest. This event is free and open to the public. Doors open at 6:00p.m.

Free Harvard Mini-Course: The Surprising Psychology of Everyday Life
This free mini-course, taught by a Harvard psychology PhD student and stand-up comedian, pulls together psychology’s most fascinating findings to answer some of life’s deepest questions: what makes us happy, why can’t we all agree, and are we really in control of our own thoughts? The course will be a mix of lecture and class discussion. There are no grades and no obligations; this is just about the love of learning cool stuff about why humans do what they do. The course materials are TED talks, short articles, and videos––look at the stuff that interests you.

Jan 13th

Your Terrible Ex! – Free Improv Comedy
Jamaica Plain
Your Terrible Ex! – We’ve all been there… terrible relationships. The clingers, the cheapos, the down right WTF’ers. Come watch a hilarious improvised show inspired by YOUR true relationship stories! Watch some of Boston’s top improvisors make you remember a part of your life you never wanted to! It’s a free show, so you really have nothing to lose… except maybe your dignity!

The Possible Project Business Expo
On Friday, January 13th from 5:00-6:00 PM, 18 newly formed student venture teams will be displaying their prototypes for the very first time, and looking for investment (at no cost to you!). From brainstorming a business idea to creating a lean business model and prototype, our youngest entrepreneurs are ready to show off what they have created. Engage with these wonderful students at the event and become an early adopter or investor in their business (again, free of charge!).

Intro to Scratching Workshop w/ DJ Rugged One
Ever wondered how to make all those cool noises with a turntable and mixer? Felt that burning desire to scratch up your parents record collection as a child? Or questioned how a turntable could be used as an instrument? Mmmmaven’s introduction workshop will provide you with the basics to scratching and beat juggling, whether you’re looking to become a turntables or just add some flare to your DJ sets. No experience required and all skill levels are welcome. Come prepared to get busy!

Jan 14th

Breakfast IV Brothers
“Where are my black brothers? I love ya…” Breakfast IV Brothers is a monthly forum to improve communities through cross-generational dialogue and relationship building among black and brown men.  Creating a space for open dialogue to share life experience provides room to teach, share and grow with one another – which would result in black and brown boys and men to strategize on ways to make the city a better place to live.

Woods Hole to Wellfleet Film Series: Miss Sharon Jones
Woods Hole, Massachusetts
Wellfleet Presentation Hall and The Woods Hole Film Festival team up to bring you four fantastic music documentaries this winter, screening January through April. The series kick off is directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Barbara Kopple and celebrates the life and unlikely journey to soul stardom of Miss Sharon Jones.

Joyful Noice with the Harlem Gospel Choir
A Joyful Noise is Coming! 2017 marks the 30th Anniversary year that the Multicultural Arts Center brings together people from all around New England to celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. through Joyful Noise, the annual Gospel concert with the Harlem Gospel Choir. This signature event represents and reflects the core goals of the Multicultural Arts Center—using art and performance as a bridge to understanding diverse cultures, fostering community dialogue, and creating meaningful shared experiences.

Celebrate MLK’s Legacy at the Kennedy Institute
On January 14th, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate will honor Martin Luther King Jr. by bringing his legacy to life with activities and programs for children and families. Learn about the history of the civil rights movement in Great Senate Debates: The Civil Rights Act of 1964, share your own dreams for the future by contributing to the Institute’s participatory exhibit, and follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s example of public service by making a Valentine for a local veteran. Registration is required for this free event. Click on the link for a schedule of activities.

Boston Comedy Chicks Showcase
Jamaica Plain
Boston Comedy Chicks is an ever-growing community of comedians who perform regularly in stand-up, storytelling, song and other forms of comedy. We have joined forces with WICF, the organization that brings the annual Women in Comedy Festival to Boston each spring. As part of the WICF family, Boston Comedy Chicks features comedians of all genders, with a focus on showcasing women in comedy. Don’t miss a single night as each month we will present a showcase of the comedians from Boston and all over the country.

Jan 15th

Hike4Life Soul on Ice
Jamaica Plain
The Kelly Skating Rink is an urban outdoor skating rink locate right in JP. Join them on Sunday, January 15th as they celebrate MLK weekend with a little Soul on Ice! Skating starts at 12pm and skate rentals are only $2 for adults and $1 for children. There will be a donation box that will go towards pizza for the party. Closest T stop is Stony Brook on the Orange line. RSVP is required!

The Dance Complex presents the 2nd Annual Catalysts
For a second year, 2016-17 CATALYSTS artists-in-residence will perform at The Dance Complex for three weekends in January. This year’s artists, Ryan Casey, Lorraine Chapman, Junichi Fukuda, Yosi Karahashi, and Doppelgänger Dance Collective (DDC): Danielle Davidson and Shura Baryshnikov, represent classic and hybrid forms including tap, modern, and flamenco. CATALYSTS performances, which will run in repertory and highlight 4 – 5 performers per night.


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