Event Recap: Lips, Luxe & Lifestyle Spring/Summer 2017 Maven Trunk Show

As I continue to do my blog thing (and I call it a blog thing because I really have no idea what I’m doing half the time lol), I find myself being pulled into many directions! My focus as of late has been on fine tuning my blogger niche. I’m now donning myself as a Fashion, Lifestyle & EVENT Blogger. And with the added credential, I had to level up so to speak! With a suggestion from a friend, I invested in my first DSLR camera and can now bring you better, higher quality pictures from the events I attend! Gone are the days of my Iphone camera pics….SIKE, you’ll be getting those every once in awhile! But armed with my new gadget, I sought to test it out.

Yours truly with my new toy ❤

And so, this past weekend, I had the opportunity to support Anna Foster’s A Maven’s World Lifestyle Brand’s Lips, Luxe & Lifestyle Spring/Summer 2017 Maven Trunk Show. Held at the ultra modern Ester restaurant (short for Dorchester) in Boston’s Lower Mills neighborhood, this was a fun filled afternoon of fine eats, shopping and getting your summer fly on! I got some really great shots of the event, met some of the awesome attendees, as well as, Anna’s A Mavens World business affiliates! Ms. Anna Maven was the hostess with mostest, so a special shout out to her for allowing me to crash her event and get some awesome pics! See below for some of my favorites from the event and links to all the businesses are also listed below!

The Maven herself (R) poses with an attendee ❤


That moment you find a fly pair of glasses and you have to admire yourself in the mirror a little bit longer ❤


Event attendee posing for the camera ❤


When besties shop together ❤


Grandma showing the babies how to do it ❤


Providence was in the building @maia_ray


If you stay camera ready, you don’t have to get camera ready! Handbag designer, Stephanie Voltaire (C) @vluredesigns poses with friends ❤


Smiles all around! #PeepTheQuoteOnHerClutch ❤


Ms. Anna on a mission to get the people summer ready ❤


Baddie Outfit Alert ❤


Ms. Monica Hall-Porter, Cause Entreprenuer, handling her business ❤


Makeup Artist @neysafaces showed the camera some love ❤


The Maven entertaining the crowd ❤


Drinks all around ❤


The pose you make when you find the perfect dress ❤


Baddie Outfit Alert #2 ❤


A Maven’s World business affiliates represented were:

One Hope Wines and Gifts – wine that supports a cause

Blaq Roses – all natural beauty products

M.O.V.E Making Opportunities Visualizing Empowerment – non-profit urban youth mentoring program

The Styled Man Box – premium men’s accessories subscription box

Busy Day Shopping – sunglasses and accessories

Lula Roe – Lula Roe leggings


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